Kyliaris river

Kyliaris river starts near Stylos village by Apokoronas Province and ends at the beach of Kyani Akti near Kalives. It’s 5km long and is the second largest river in water flow in Crete. The name Kyliaris means the river that carries stones away. It\'s ancient name was Pyknos (i.e. dense), due to the dense vegetation along its banks.

The river is supplied with the waters of Varsamou and Mavri peaks of White Mounts (1389m and 2069m respectively). Kyliaris has 4 tributaries with an overall network length of 36km. These are Keramiotis (dry on summer), Anavreti (dry on summer), Mylavlakas and Mantamas.

From the springs of Stylos starts a trail passing through dense vegetation, old water mills and channels, which crosses Platanakia location. From there, the river continues crossing the plain of Stylos with the beautiful gardens and passes through dense vegetation with plane trees, reeds and aquatic plants, until it reaches the sea. The river is a very important wetland for birds, turtles, amphibians, eels and crabs.

It is also noteworthy to mention that Kyliaris is very suitable for rafting, but you should be responsible for organizing it and having your own equipment.