Early Christian Basilica of Panormo

In the coastal village of Panormos, about 20 km south of the town of Rethymno, is the early Basilica of Panormo. According to tradition, it is dedicated to Saint Sophia and this name was given to the entire area around the temple.

Finding coins of Leo VI (886-912), and the use in minuscule inscriptions on pillars and slabs, indicating the use of space until at least the 9th century.

The temple was excavated by K. Kalokyri and N. Platon between 1947 and 1955. According to the excavators was the seat of the diocese ELEFTHERNA, transferred after the destruction of the ancient city Panormo.

From the findings of the excavation should mention the remarkable marble and limestone architectural elements such as columns, capitals, parapets etc. were also found coins, pottery and a large amount of glass pieces kandiles.