Sfakiano gorge or Vartholoma gorge or Lago gorge

Sfakiano gorge or Vartholoma or Lago is located 2km east of Chora Sfakion. Starting at an altitude of 1.200m. The canyon has a length of 6.5km and walking along its riverbank is very easy. The proposed trekking route in the canyon starts from Niato plateau (near Askifou Plateau) and runs along the European trail E4. You initially meet the abandoned village of Kali Lakki. From here starts the canyon, which is one of the greenest gorges in Crete, with incredibly interesting flora. Oaks, cypresses and pines are the main trees in Sfakiano Gorge. Half an hour after the gorge entrance, you will meet the church of St. Paul, which was built by the locals in 1407. Near the exit, at the location Porolago, the canyon meets the main road to Sfakia. It is worth carrying your journey to the sea, as the gorge bed leads to the amazingly beautiful fjords of Fylaki, perhaps the most interesting beaches in Sfakia area.