Eligas gorge (Embaros)

The gorge of Eligas is located on the west side of the mountain Koupa near the village Miliaradon by Embaros in Herakleion. It is actually a high waterfall with nine rapels, ideal for canyoning. The difference of altitude between the entrance and the exit is about 230m.

Eligas is one of the many waterfalls in the surrounding area, having a total height of 150 meters (water fall) which is broken into 5-6 steps with the largest being 50 meters.

It has crystal clear water during the winter months coming from the springs of the area 'Papa Lagos'. Just after the exit, the gorge meets the flow of the river Baritis, the main tributary of river Anapodaris.

The word Eligas in the Cretan dialect means waterfall. The uniqueness of Eligas is its unique formations created by the laminated sheets of limestone in the area that give the impression of a huge open theater with stone levels.

There is a path from the village Miliaradon leading us to the base of the waterfall where you can continue climbing to the highest places, having an amazing view to the magnificent waterfall and the villages of the plain watered by Baritis.