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Aloe Vera

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For 10 years in Malia Heraklion Crete, we operate on a kind of new crop for the data of Greece, in the cultivation of Aloe Vera. Both the pharmaceutical and the cosmetic properties of the miraculous addition plant, our interest to cultivate.

The founder of our company, Madam Lydaki Eyaggelia, farmer for over 30 years, after much study and learn about the benefits of the plant on our health, originally decided to cultivate it for use of the oikogeneias. Slowly and seeing the positive impact on our Organization, decided to help friends and acquaintances who had various health problems and demanded something complementary and alternative in their resolution. Gradually, the demand of the plant made us to think as one new proposal professional. In excellent quality soils, enriched with natural fertilization (manure), cultivating organic Aloe Vera with spectacular results.

The plant grows with the best care and treatment as we are a family business and passion for excellent quality and results has become the purpose of our work.

At the moment, Pat ourselves on the quality of plants you have, which can chrisimopoiiothyn either like a pot which we all in our yard and will be used solely for the use of our oikogeneias, either as breeding ground for creating new crop for business purpose.

Those who are interested in improving your health or you want to follow the cultivation of Aloe Vera, we will be happy to accept and to guide you in our facilities by answering all your questions.

You will find us in Malia Heraklion in Crete.



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In a wonderful and welcoming place to invite you to Petrino. Here you can enjoy traditional food, cooked food, dishes and everything is cooked in olive oil. Meats and fish are fresh and the vegetables from our garden. We are open all summer long, 24 hours.

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