The 25 fountains in the form of a lion's head located in the capital, called Spili, situated at the foot of the mountain Kedros, consist the benchmark of the region. The area is mixed in terms of occupation, whereas people are mainly engaged in tourism and livestock, and less in agriculture, since its natural features can combine every alternative. Spili is one of the best known places where the visitor, either Greek or foreigner, may stop during its journey, while the famous tourist resort of Agia Galini is located near Spili. The dairy products of the region are of excellent quality, the mountainous area attracts many visitors providing alternative tourism forms.

Phoenicas Region

The distinguishing feature of the region is the palm forest and the beach of Preveli, whereas the river joins the sea and clean waters enchant the visitor. However, there are other beaches also, such as Plakias beach, Souda beach and Schinari beach. It is said that in this region the seas contain 40% more salt than in the rest of Crete.