The boundaries of this area start from a limit very close to the city of Heraklion and reach Libyan Sea. It is a municipality with an extremely diverse terrain, thanks to the two mountains, the Youchtas and Asterousia, the fertile plain of Messara, which in antiquity was the scene of great civilizations, its hilly peaks, the streams and canyons shaping the landscape into an ideal environment for rare species of fauna and flora. Classic tourism is flourishing in the region due to the beautiful beaches, as well as agritourism, nature, gastronomy and wine tourism in the village, while in Myrtia the tourist can visit the Nikos Kazantzakis Museum. Vast majority of people is engaged in agriculture, followed by livestock and tourism.

Archanes Region

Due to successive interventions made, the village of Archanes has won European awards, having today the appearance of a traditional Cretan village attracting many tourists and local people who admire not only the village itself but enjoy delicious food offered by local taverns. Youchtas mountain offers stunning views to Heraklion to those who are brave enough to ascend it.

Asterousia Region

The region of Asterousia includes a great part of the homonymous mountain range, being an important core for wildlife rescue. It has also highlands, lowlands and coastal parts, defining consequently the professional activities of the residents. It is the exit of the Municipality to Libyan Sea and boasts of some of the most beautiful and least exploited tourist beaches of Crete.