Lamb with hylopites

Lamb with hylopites


1 kg lamb

1 onion

½ clove of garlic

4 tbs oil

1 pepper

1 carrot

2 medium-sized tomatoes

½ kg hylopites

½ cup grated cheese





Cut the meat into cubes and sauté in very hot oil wit the finely chopped onion and garlic. Add the pepper and carrot. After another 2 minutes, add I cup of water and as soon as it boils remove the scum that forms with a slotted spoon. Leave the meat to simmer for about 1 hour. When it is half cooked, add the chopped tomatoes and seasonings. Add the hylopites and continue to cook for about another 20 minutes until the red sauce has thickened, the hylopites are cooked and the meat is tender. Serve hot, sprinkled with the grated cheese.