Category: Canyons
Region: Heraklion Prefecture

Rouvas Gorge

The “ fanangi Rouvas” or “Saint Nicholas” gorge is a unique hike that in three hours offers excursionists the pleasure of experiencing moments which many gorges have in common, a light - hearted ascent, the challenge of complicated passages, the pure enjo

Rozas Gorge

Our exploration of Rozas gorge came about in a casual and unexpected way because your original plan had been to go for a hike in the gorge of Gonies. Leaving Malia and driving in the direction of the lassithi plateau, after ten kilometers you come upon a

Achendrias Gorge

The unknown for the most people canyon of Achendrias is located 52km south of Heraklion. Its length is about 6km and exits at the beach of Maridaki and is the easternmost gorge of Asterousia Mountains.

Almiros gorge

The gorge Almyros is located in Linoperamata, close to Heraklion, between Keri and Kastrokefala. Important attractions are the ruins of 'Three Churches'

Ambas Gorge

The gorge of Ambas is located 53km south of Heraklion, in Asterousia Mountains. This is a large (4km long) and beautiful canyon with many narrow passages. Starting from the small plateau formed near the village Paranymfi

Ambelos gorge

The Gorge of Ambelos is located southeast of Gonies village (Hersonissos Municipality), just about 1km from the southern limits of the village. The gorge, which is about 2 kilometers, is visited by many visitors and locals

Apolichnos Gorge (Mires)

Apolichnos Gorge is located a few kilometers north of Mires town, in a lush green area with dense olive groves. The 3km long gorge starts from Psiloritis south slopes, next to the village Panagia

Arvi gorge

The gorge of Arvi is located north of the homonym village (south of Heraklion prefecture) and is formed by limestone of Mount Dikti. The entrance is next to the Monastery of St. Anthony and 700m from the homonym dorp.

Astrakiano - Kounaviano Gorge of Karteros

The consecutive gorges of Kounavi – Astrakiano - Karteros have an overall length of about 21,5km and actually constitute one gorge. The gorge is located east of Heraklion, in the Municipalities of Kazantzakis

Eligas gorge (Embaros)

The gorge of Eligas is located on the west side of the mountain Koupa near the village Miliaradon by Embaros in Herakleion. It is actually a high waterfall with nine rapels, ideal for canyoning.

Eligia gorge

The gorge of Eligia is wild, small but impressive. Its entrance is in Agios Ioannis village in Sfakia (780m altitude, 92km from Chania). After hiking for 3.5 hours you reach Agios Pavlos beach

Erganos gorge

On the southeast side of Afendis Christos summit, above the villages Embaros you will meet the verdant vineyards at Erganos plateau at 900 meters altitude. The water gathered from the meliting snow of the surrounding slopes and from many springs

Gaidourorachi or Krousonas gorge

The gorge of Gaidourorachi or Krousonas gorge is located 3km west of the village Krousonas and crosses the Psiloritis Mountain, starting from ancient Zominthos

Kavousi Gorge

Kavousi canyon is located near Keratokambos (near Ano Viannos, south of Heraklion) in Dikti Mountain. The total length is 1km and the altitudinal difference between entrance and exit is 170m. For the canyoners, there are

Knosano Gorge or Saint Eirini gorge

e Knosano Gorge (or gorge of Saint Eirini) is the continuation of Mountain Giouchtas. It extends south of Archanes (Saint Mamas) it runs through Archanes in Kato Milos, where starts the subpart of Knossano gorge known as Sylamos Gorge,

Lamnoni Gorge (Xerokampos-Ziros)

The gorge of Xerokambos – Ziros, officially called “Lamnoni gorge”. Lamnoni Gorge is the driest canyon of eastern Crete. Walking in the gorge takes 2 hours and the descent is quite easy and smooth.

Martsalo gorge

Martsalo gorge is located in the south coast of Asterousia Mountains, in Heraklion Prefecture and has a length of about 2km. It starts from the north and ends at the Libyan Sea, in the beach of Martsalo.

Mesosfini Gorge

sosfini Gorge is located 55km south of Heraklion city. Its entrance is located at a height of 450m, near the village of Mournies, in the Asterousia Mountains. T

Portela Gorge

Portela Gorge is located at the south of the prefecture of Iraklion. The canyon starts from Hondros village and its exit is in Keratokambos. It is one of the most dangerous canyons in Greece. Especially after rainfall, visiting the gorge can turn fatal.

Psaro Nero gorge

The gorge of Psaro Nero is located 55km southeast of Heraklion. It is a short inaccessible canyon with high waterfalls (rapels), very well known to canyoners of Crete.

Saint Savvas Gorge

In the wild and majestic Asterousia Mountains, 60km south of Heraklion is located the gorge of St. Savvas. Its entrance is positioned near the homonym chapel, accessed via a dirt road leading south from the village of Koumasa.

Smiliano Gorge (Ligiotis)

Smiliano Gorge is located about 100km southwest of Heraklion, north of the village Ano Meros. The 2.5km long canyon starts near the village Vrysses and next to the abandoned settlement of Smile.

Spiliotissa gorge

Spiliotissa gorge is located about 24km south of Heraklion. Starting from Houdetsi, where you can park in the village, crosses Agios Vasilios, and ends in the valley of Peza.

Tripiti Gorge (Asterousia)

The Gorge of Tripiti rips Asterousia Mountains in the middle and ends at the beach of Tripiti after an impressive dirt track, running inside the gorge. Its name (Tripiti=Caved) is taken after the beautiful church of Virgin Mary of Tripiti, built into a ca

Venerato gorge

The beautiful but unknown canyon of Venerato is located 17km south of Heraklion, just next to the village Venerato and Paliani Monastery. The deep part of the gorge is very short in length (about 500m),

Vorizia gorge

East of Voriza village, starts an arid canyon with holly trees that leads to the plateau of Nida Plateau and the cave Ideon Antron. The gorge is very steep at the beginning with small waterfalls coming from the brecciated steep limestone cliffs

Xerofarago Gorge

Xerofarago Gorge is located south of Kalami village (Viannos area), 75km southeast of Heraklion. It is a small but beautiful gorge, ideal for canyoning (known to the canyoners as Kalami II) that