Category: Plateaus - Plains
Region: Heraklion Prefecture

Evdomos plateau Gonies

3km southeast of the village Gonies, is located the plateau of Evdomos, at an altitude of 780m. The plateau is actually divided into two smaller plateaus, the Kato Lakos and Ano Lakos plateaus.

Livadi Plateau Krousonas

The Livadi (Lawn) Plateau of Krousonas is located on the eastern slopes of Psiloritis, 9km west of the village Krousonas and 35km southwest of Heraklion. It is a beautiful place to visit, especially in spring when the 300.000 pear and apple trees are bloo

Messara plain

In an elongated area of 50km in length and with its width not exceeding 7km, the plain of Messara is located on the south side of Heraklion Prefecture. In the south, the valley is protected by Asterousia Mountains, while its western side is bounded by a v

Strouboulas plateau

South of the Stroumboulas elongated mountain range, which resembles a volcanic cone when seen from Heraklion, you will find the small and elongated plateau of Strouboulas. The elongated plateau is formed on the carbonate rocks of the “Tripolitsa”

Vromonero Plateau or Lakkos Limas Plateau

10km west of the village Krousonas, in an amazing location east of the summit Skinakas of Psiloritis Mt, where the homonym observatory of the University of Crete, is located the Plateau of Vromonero or Lakkos Limas at an altitude of 1.300m.