Category: Caves
Region: Heraklion Prefecture

Agia Fotini cave

The cave of Agia Fotini is on located on Mountain Louloudaki, 7km south of Avdou village, at an altitude of 760m. Avdou village is located 35km east of Heraklion, where a sign "Agia Fotini Cave - 7 km”, shows the direction. From there you enter a dirt roa

Arkalochori cave

The cave of Arkalochori, also known as Holy Cave, is located at the South West side of Arkalochori village, specifically at the south west aisle of Profitis Ilias Church, 400m above sea level.

Doxa cave

Doxa cave is situated at an altitude of 463m, in the position Kaka Pila of Marathos, 20km west of Heraklion. It is a small but well-known cave, which has very impressive décor of different colors and shapes. Doxa Cave is located 7.5 km after the junction

Eileithyia cave

The cave of Eileithyia is located 7km east of Heraklion and 1 km southeast of Amnissos. It is shaped on the eastern sides of the valley of Karteros. The entrance of the cave is near an old fig tree. The cave was discovered during the last century. The loc

Goumenospilios cave

Goumenospilios is a small cave located in Agiofarago Gorge, about 80km south of Heraklion. Its entrance is very small, but the inner is very spacious, with a lighting hole on the roof. The cave has no decor, but is nonetheless legendary.

Hosto Nero cave

The cave of Hosto Nero is found in the region Selia of Youchtas mountain near the road that leads to the top of Afentis Christos. It is located at an altitude of about 720 meters in the southern top of the holy mountain and in order for anyone to see it h

Kamares cave or Kamaraiko cave

The cave of Kamares, also called Kamaraiko, is located at the southern foot of Psiloritis. In particular, it is situated on the slopes of Mount Soros, at an altitude of 1700m and northeast of the homonym village of Kamares. It is not important in terms of

Kamilari cave

The cave Kamilari is an easily accessible and impressive cave of Psiloritis Mountain. It is located just 200m from the 13th km of the old road connecting Heraklion with Rethymnon, near Tylisos, at an altitude of 267m. It has 200m long paths, while its ent

Labyrinth cave

Cave Labyrinth is located 50km south of Iraklion, on a small hill, 3.5 km north of Kastelli village in Messara Plain. It was a huge artificial cave with labyrinthine corridors longer than 2.5km long and several rooms that did not lead anywhere, which serv

Matala caves

The most striking feature of the area is the many caves, carved in the soft white limestone thousands of years ago in the northwest walls of the bay. There are several underwater caves, as well. It is believed that the caves of Matala were used as graves

Neraidospilios Astrakon cave

Neraidospilios of Astraki is situated about 23 km from Heraklion, near the village Astraki. The cave is located near the majestic river of Astraki, where the gorge, ending in Karteros, starts. Neraidospilios is a small two-storey cave.

Sarhos cave or Honos cave or Nichteridospilios cave

Cave Sarhos, Honos or Nychteridospilios is located west of the village Sarhos, at an altitude of 276m. The cave is particularly loved by cavers because of its complexity and large length.

Skotino cave or Agia Paraskevi cave

The cave of Agia Paraskevi is located in Gouves area, northwest of the village Skoteino, with its entrance located at an altitude of 225m. In thıs cave the worshıp of Goddess Artemıs (Diana) Vritomartis took place.