Amari valley

Amari valley is 25km long, at an altitude of 400-500m and is formed between the Mountains Kedros and Psiloritis. It is the natural passage from the north to south Rethymno and Messara Plain. For its central location, it was the theater of several historical events, especially during the Ottoman rule. Amari is one of the areas of Crete with the most rainfalls. Platys River starts from Amari and exits in Agia Galini and there is one of the largest dams in Crete, the dam of Potami. The fertile valley of Amari hosts many rare species of Cretan flora, such as in the natural "Botanic Garden" Gious Kambos plateau, north of Kedros Mountain.

Amari valley is full with picturesque villages, with the largest being Fourfouras. Old Byzantine churches, Minoan settlements and wild mountains are dispersed throughout the entire county. The gorge of Patsos, the cave of St. Anthony, the ancient town of Sivrytos, the monastery of Asomati, the Minoan settlements in Monastiraki and Apodoulou are the most famous sights of Amari.