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Agia Irini Gorge

Agia Irini gorge has its own intrinsic beauty, made of sweeping views and a relatively easy path without any difficult points to overcome. Not as well - known as and certainly less difficult than the nearby gorge of Samaria.

Agiofarango Gorge

You start from the village of Siva, where you must spent the night. You drive down a white road in the direction of Kali Limenes and the coast of the Libyan sea. After two and a half kilometers, on the right a sign indicates “Agiofarango” – the gorge of t

Anidri Gorge

The area’s morphological characteristics – low, uncrowned, rounded mountains, valleys of chestnut groves and strawberry trees studded with bright red fruit – bled with ancient villages full of fresco ed churches and chapels, the most authentic expression

Aradena Gorge

The trial forcefully makes its way into the canyon between two narrow vertical walls which offer some respite from the burning, late-autumn sun only in the early stages of our hike. The path leads along a dry riverbed as it winds its way between large bou

Pervolakia Gorge

This exploration of Pervolakia gorge concludes your array of the twenty most beautiful excursions on the island of Crete, the roughhewn stones of a “komboloi”, a rosary to be told by bead. At first glance, it has the same characteristics as the other nine

From Cape Krios to Elafonissi

This portion of the European long-distance trail, from Cape Krios to Elafonissi, is a fairly long excursion, roughly five hours, and it could ideally be divided into three parts thanks to the variety of promontory of Krios, stretches out along the shore w

Glika Nera - Loutro

Among the various hiking itineraries in this book, you have included a portion of the European long - distance hiking trail which is part of a project we have been nursing for some time: a two - day hike that includes a stop at Glika Nera beach, an overni

Hohlakies Gorge

The people of Crete love to spend the first of May outdoors and their custom is to return home from their outings with large bouquets of wildflowers that they weave into wreaths to adorn car hoods and front doors for good luck. Hohlakies gorges seemed lik

Imbros Gorge

Our first trekking experience was our exploration of the “farangi Imbrou” – the Imbros gorge. It was once the only pathway through the harsh, impassable mountains of the Sfakia region. This vital path allowed the area’s inhabitants to remain in contact wi

Katholiko Gorge

This hike, which led us to discover the convent of Saint John the Hermit (Xeno), known as “Katholiko” and the gorge of “ the Saint”, is a tangible example of the sublime as applied to places that can spark strong emotions.

Kritsa Gorge

From Aghios Nikolaos, the road leads into the hills, bordering a green sea of olive trees all the way to the first houses of Kritsa, which rests gently on a hillside in a favorable position that offers a glimpse of the gulf of Mirabello.


The Lissos gorge is one of the most beautiful gorges in Crete. You starting your trip with a sign with an arrow indicates Lissos and you start down the trail that leads into a small ravine with lots of rock roses and pine, cypress and carob trees.

Orino Gorge

The Orino massif is pierced by a vertical gash, the resulf of thousands of years of erosion. Until a few years ago it had been covered by a luxuriant forest of pine trees which well suited the name “dasos gorge” the forest gorge.

Patsos Gorge or Saint Anthony’s Gorge

Patsos gorge is a perfect excursion it can stimulate mind, heart and body. It has points of archeological interest in an extraordinary landscape and continuous challenges for excursionists who want to conquer the ravine.

Pefki Gorge

From a geological point of view, Pefki gorge is not considered one of the thirty - four “official” gorges on the island of Crete. The chasm king of this area is without a doubt the dramatic “Ha canyon” in the nearby Tripti mountain range.

Rihtis Waterfall

After tackling impervious gorges and challenging hikes, you are pervaded by a feeling of tranquility when you go on easy excursions whose only goal is to admire nature without being stressed by the final destination. To this end, an ideal short excursion

Rouvas Gorge

The “ fanangi Rouvas” or “Saint Nicholas” gorge is a unique hike that in three hours offers excursionists the pleasure of experiencing moments which many gorges have in common, a light - hearted ascent, the challenge of complicated passages, the pure enjo

Rozas Gorge

Our exploration of Rozas gorge came about in a casual and unexpected way because your original plan had been to go for a hike in the gorge of Gonies. Leaving Malia and driving in the direction of the lassithi plateau, after ten kilometers you come upon a

Sarakino Gorge

“Sarakinos” was a term the Byzantines used to describe the Arabs in reference to their brown skin. The name of this gorge, “Sarakino-Saracen”, takes you back in time to the end of the first millennium, from 824 to 921, when Andalusian Arabs from the city

Zakros Gorge or death Gorge

The canyon, which is traversed by the Zakros river, is located at the eastern - most edge of the island, in the district of Sitia, a remote area full of Minoan artifacts. The gorge holds many surprises and the excursion can be divided into three parts tha

Achendrias Gorge

The unknown for the most people canyon of Achendrias is located 52km south of Heraklion. Its length is about 6km and exits at the beach of Maridaki and is the easternmost gorge of Asterousia Mountains.

Almiros gorge

The gorge Almyros is located in Linoperamata, close to Heraklion, between Keri and Kastrokefala. Important attractions are the ruins of 'Three Churches'

Ambas Gorge

The gorge of Ambas is located 53km south of Heraklion, in Asterousia Mountains. This is a large (4km long) and beautiful canyon with many narrow passages. Starting from the small plateau formed near the village Paranymfi

Ambelos gorge

The Gorge of Ambelos is located southeast of Gonies village (Hersonissos Municipality), just about 1km from the southern limits of the village. The gorge, which is about 2 kilometers, is visited by many visitors and locals

Apolichnos Gorge (Mires)

Apolichnos Gorge is located a few kilometers north of Mires town, in a lush green area with dense olive groves. The 3km long gorge starts from Psiloritis south slopes, next to the village Panagia

Aposelemis Gorge

Aposelemis Gorge is located in one of the longest rivers in Crete, carrying the waters of the Lassithi Plateau to the sea. The canyon is formed in the area Xerokamares till the settlement Agriana. The gorge is full of plane and walnut trees

Arkadi Gorge

The Gorge of Arkadi starts north of the Arkadi monastery and after a scenic route of 2 hours and it ends near the village Pikris (some parts along the bed of the gorge as it is inaccessible), where visitors can admire important Venetian architectural monu

Arvi gorge

The gorge of Arvi is located north of the homonym village (south of Heraklion prefecture) and is formed by limestone of Mount Dikti. The entrance is next to the Monastery of St. Anthony and 700m from the homonym dorp.

Astrakiano - Kounaviano Gorge of Karteros

The consecutive gorges of Kounavi – Astrakiano - Karteros have an overall length of about 21,5km and actually constitute one gorge. The gorge is located east of Heraklion, in the Municipalities of Kazantzakis

Avlaki gorge or Katholiko gorge

Avlaki gorge is located near the monastery Gouverneto, 16km east of Chania. It is one of the most important gorges in Crete with a particular religious value, as many monks and hermits found shelter in its caves.

Chosti gorge

The canyon of Chosti is close to the small settlement of Hosti in Chania, amid one of the most beautiful and lush green place of Crete. You will not find Chosti gorge in any tourist guide. Away from the known tourist routes, it remains completely unknown

Deliana – Mesavlia Gorge

Mesavlia – Deliana Gorge is located 37km west of Chania. Starting from the village Mesavlia it descends to the village Deliana after 5km walking in the gorge is very easy

Diktamos gorge

The canyon of Diktamos is located 21km east of Chania, next to the village Katochori at an altitude of 300m, and finished 8km eastern at the village Faragi, at an altitude of 40m, next to the village of Stylos.

Eligas gorge (Embaros)

The gorge of Eligas is located on the west side of the mountain Koupa near the village Miliaradon by Embaros in Herakleion. It is actually a high waterfall with nine rapels, ideal for canyoning.

Eligia gorge

The gorge of Eligia is wild, small but impressive. Its entrance is in Agios Ioannis village in Sfakia (780m altitude, 92km from Chania). After hiking for 3.5 hours you reach Agios Pavlos beach

Erganos gorge

On the southeast side of Afendis Christos summit, above the villages Embaros you will meet the verdant vineyards at Erganos plateau at 900 meters altitude. The water gathered from the meliting snow of the surrounding slopes and from many springs

Fratiano Gorge

Fratiano Gorge is one of the longest canyons of Rethymno Prefecture. Its entrance is located 23km southeast of Rethymnon, next to the village Frati, and it mouth is located near the exit of the gorge Kourtaliotiko

Gaidourorachi or Krousonas gorge

The gorge of Gaidourorachi or Krousonas gorge is located 3km west of the village Krousonas and crosses the Psiloritis Mountain, starting from ancient Zominthos

Ha gorge

One dominant feature of the area of Ierapetra, in front of the beautiful village and the minoan remains of Vassiliki is located the Ha Gorge. It is considered one of the wildest gorges in Greece, a rare morphological phenomenon

Havgas Gorge (Kalamafka)

The Gorge of Havgas is located very close to the village Kalamafka, just 12km north of the city of Ierapetra. Note that there are several other gorges with the same name around Crete

Havgas Gorge (Lassithi Plateau)

Havgas Gorge is an amazing gorge of rare natural beauty, the unique gorge in Lassithi Plateau (Do not confuse that with the homonym gorge near Kalamafka). Hiking in the gorge is difficult even for experienced climbers.

Helidonion Gorge

The Gorge of Helidonion (swallows) is located 33km south of town of Rethymno, next to the famous beach of Preveli with the majestic palm grove and the stunning river. It starts close to the village Drymiskos, runs almost parallel to the

Holy Apostles gorge (in Lapathos)

The gorge of the Holy Apostles in Lapathos is located in the south of Mount Dicti, 28km west of Ierapetra and 72km south of Heraklion, in the area of Kato Simi. Its length is about 4km and the elevation difference between

Iligas gorge or Kavi gorge

The gorge of Iligas (or Kavi) is located a few kilometers west of Chora Sfakion. It starts from Anopolis plateau and ends at the beautiful beach of Iligas, 2km west of Chora. The gorge is very easily accessible from Anopolis plateau.

Kakoperatos Gorge (Agios Vasilios)

The canyon Kakoperatos is located in Agios Vasilios village, at the province of Agios Vasilios in the prefecture of Rethymno. It’s a tributary of the Megalos River (Kourtaliotis) and as its

Kallikratis gorge

Kallikratis is a relatively small gorge in the southeast region of Lefka Ori (White Mountains) in Chania Prefecture. The gorge connects the mountainous pasture lands with the lowland villages. Is not very popular to tourists but is a

Kavousi Gorge

Kavousi canyon is located near Keratokambos (near Ano Viannos, south of Heraklion) in Dikti Mountain. The total length is 1km and the altitudinal difference between entrance and exit is 170m. For the canyoners, there are

Kissano Gorge or Red Deti gorge

Kissano Gorge is located 1km north of Kissos village, in Amari valley, and 34km southeast of Rethymnon, connecting the village to the small plateau of Gious Kambos.

Klados gorge

Klados gorge is the first one to the west of Samaria gorge. The path leading to its north entrance starts from the Linosseli pass west of peak Gigilos. The gorge it is not marked except by a few “domes” - piled up rocks - at the most dangerous po

Knosano Gorge or Saint Eirini gorge

e Knosano Gorge (or gorge of Saint Eirini) is the continuation of Mountain Giouchtas. It extends south of Archanes (Saint Mamas) it runs through Archanes in Kato Milos, where starts the subpart of Knossano gorge known as Sylamos Gorge,

Kollita Gorges

Kollita Gorges, (Twin Gorges) are located nearby the picturesque village Argyroupolis, about 22km southwest of Rethymno.

Kotsifos gorge

The gorge of Kotsyfos is a very beautiful gorge, 1.800 m long and the almost vertical sides that reach a height of 600m. It starts at Kannevos village and ends in Plakias.

Canyon of Koudoumis

The canyon of Koudoumis is located near the village Tourloti, about 27km west of Sitia. The canyon is accessible on foot, but it has six small steep rappels that require little attention.

Kourtaliotiko gorge

The Gorge of Kourtaliotis is located 22km south of Rethymno and has a length of 3km. It is one of the most spectacular natural attractions of Rethymnon. It starts from the village Koxare and flows between the mountains Kouroupis (984 m) and Xiro Oros

Lamnoni Gorge (Xerokampos-Ziros)

The gorge of Xerokambos – Ziros, officially called “Lamnoni gorge”. Lamnoni Gorge is the driest canyon of eastern Crete. Walking in the gorge takes 2 hours and the descent is quite easy and smooth.

Margarites gorge

Margarites are a village, very famous for its marvelous architecture and the traditional pottery. However, in the wider area of the villages of Margarites, Orthe and Eleftherna appear a series of small, parallel gorges.

Martsalo gorge

Martsalo gorge is located in the south coast of Asterousia Mountains, in Heraklion Prefecture and has a length of about 2km. It starts from the north and ends at the Libyan Sea, in the beach of Martsalo.

Mesonas gorge

Mesonas is a very beautiful short gorge (4km), located on the northern slopes of the mountains of Thripti, next to Kavoussi and Avgos villages. The gorge requires having good physical condition in order to cross it.

Mesosfini Gorge

sosfini Gorge is located 55km south of Heraklion city. Its entrance is located at a height of 450m, near the village of Mournies, in the Asterousia Mountains. T

Myloi Gorge

8km south of Rethymno is located a complex network of watermills and waterpower, the Myloi Gorge. Myloi is the name of the green, beautiful canyon, with the deserted village next to the stream.

Mylonas Gorge or Saint John Gorge

18km east of Ierapetra, is located the Gorge of Mylonas or Saint John. It starts near the village of St. John, at an altitude of 500m, and ends at the beach of Kakia Skala.

Patsopoulos and Kouroukoulos Gorges

The gorge of Kouroukoulos is unknown for the most people and starts from the deserted village Agalianos at the province of Merambelo, Lasithi prefecture. By following the old trail, starting from the village you reach the watercourse

Patsos gorge

The gorge of Patsos is located 8 km southwest of the Monastery of Arkadi in Rethymno. The water of the gorge is poured in the dam of Potamoi. The trekking in the gorge is very easy, since it is managed by the Forest Service.

Pelekaniotis gorge

The gorge of Pelekaniotis River is located in the region Selino in South Chania. Pelekaniotis is the river with the most water flow in Selino and it is so important that the whole municipality of Paleochora is named Pelekanos.

Petres Gorge

13km west of Rethymno is located the Petres Gorge and its exit is situated on the beach of Episkopi. The river of the gorge is fed by the waters of Kollita Gorges and the surrounding area.

Platanias Gorge

Platanias Gorge is a very beautiful gorge located on the western outskirts of Psiloritis, in the Amari valley, 38km southeast of Rethymno. It is a unique trail, with impressive cliffs, vertical limestone rocks, rock roofs and caves.

Portela Gorge

Portela Gorge is located at the south of the prefecture of Iraklion. The canyon starts from Hondros village and its exit is in Keratokambos. It is one of the most dangerous canyons in Greece. Especially after rainfall, visiting the gorge can turn fatal.

Prassano gorge

The Prassano gorge is a wild gorge, located 10 km southeast of Rethymno, next to the bare hills of Gargana and it ends in Platanias. Starting south of Prasses village, it offers a three-hour walk through the stunning gigantic

Psaro Nero gorge

The gorge of Psaro Nero is located 55km southeast of Heraklion. It is a short inaccessible canyon with high waterfalls (rapels), very well known to canyoners of Crete.

Roka gorge

The gorge of Roka is located 32km west of Chania, in the area of Kolymbari. The 2km gorge starts from the village Deliana and ends at the village of Roka. In the settlement there is Trouli hill, where you can still see the ruins of a Byzantine fortress.

Saint Savvas Gorge

In the wild and majestic Asterousia Mountains, 60km south of Heraklion is located the gorge of St. Savvas. Its entrance is positioned near the homonym chapel, accessed via a dirt road leading south from the village of Koumasa.

Samaria Gorge

The Samaria Gorge is the longest gorge in Europe and also the most famous. Thousands of tourists flock there daily in the season to walk from the top to the bottom. The length of the gorges reaches 18

Selinari gorge

The Gorge Selinari is located about 21km west of Agios Nikolaos and 45km east of Heraklion, on the eastern slopes of Selena Mount. It is well known to all Cretans, because the National Road from Heraklion to Agios Nikolaos runs along the gorge.

Sfakiano gorge or Vartholoma gorge or Lago gorge

Sfakiano gorge or Vartholoma or Lago is located 2km east of Chora Sfakion. Starting at an altitude of 1.200m. The canyon has a length of 6.5km and walking along its riverbank is very easy.

Sirikari gorge

The Gorge of Sirikari is located next to Kissamos, in one of the most beautiful areas of Crete. The gorge starts from the village of Sirikari, with the large chestnut forest and ends after about 10km in the ancient city of Polirinia.

Skotinis gorge

Skotinis Canyon (Dark Gorge) is a very beautiful gorge and is located at a rugged region of Mirabello province, near the village Finokalia. Walking is easy and hiking in the canyon can be combined with a bath at the beach

Smiliano Gorge (Ligiotis)

Smiliano Gorge is located about 100km southwest of Heraklion, north of the village Ano Meros. The 2.5km long canyon starts near the village Vrysses and next to the abandoned settlement of Smile.

Spiliotissa gorge

Spiliotissa gorge is located about 24km south of Heraklion. Starting from Houdetsi, where you can park in the village, crosses Agios Vasilios, and ends in the valley of Peza.

Therissou gorge or Elefterios Venizelos gorge

The Gorge of Therissou (named also Eleftherios Venizelos) is located near the city of Chania. The main gorge is 6 kilometers long. The vertical cliffs are impressive and the lush vegetation has nothing to

Topolia gorge

The gorge of Topolia is located at West Crete and it runs along the road leading to Elafonissi. The canyon actually starts near the village Strovles at an altitude of 450m, and exits near the village Topolia, at an altitude of 150m.

Tripiti Gorge (Asterousia)

The Gorge of Tripiti rips Asterousia Mountains in the middle and ends at the beach of Tripiti after an impressive dirt track, running inside the gorge. Its name (Tripiti=Caved) is taken after the beautiful church of Virgin Mary of Tripiti, built into a ca

Tripiti gorge (Samaria)

The Tripiti gorge is the second one to the west of Samaria gorge and as with the Klados gorge the path leading to its north entrance also starts at Linosseli. Before the entrance, is a very dangerous passage where you risk getting stuck

Tsoutsouras gorge

The canyon of Tsoutsouras is located in Tsoutsouras village and is one of the many inaccessible canyons of the area. The canyon, although it is quite short (1.5km), is an ideal place for canyoning for beginners.

Venerato gorge

The beautiful but unknown canyon of Venerato is located 17km south of Heraklion, just next to the village Venerato and Paliani Monastery. The deep part of the gorge is very short in length (about 500m),

Vorizia gorge

East of Voriza village, starts an arid canyon with holly trees that leads to the plateau of Nida Plateau and the cave Ideon Antron. The gorge is very steep at the beginning with small waterfalls coming from the brecciated steep limestone cliffs

Xerofarago Gorge

Xerofarago Gorge is located south of Kalami village (Viannos area), 75km southeast of Heraklion. It is a small but beautiful gorge, ideal for canyoning (known to the canyoners as Kalami II) that

Zoniana gorge

The Zoniana gorge is located south of Zoniana village. Starting at an altitude of 950m, it ends at the village at an altitude of 650m.