Category: Forests

Carob forest Tris Ekklisies

The carob forest of Tris Ekklisies is located 64km south of Heraklion, next to the village of Tris Ekklisies. The area, one of the most secluded in Europe, is very difficult to reach, as a very rough dirt road 10km long starts from the village Paranymi

Chamoprina forest

Chamoprina forest is a forest with low oak trees, located 4km south of Malia town. It can be accessed very easily from Malia, because it is located on the road connecting the old village of Malia with Krasi village.

Fourni forest

Fourni is a large lush hill next to Archanes village, about 12km south of Heraklion. It takes its name after the local homonym preminoan cemetery, next to Knossano Gorge. Fourni can be accessed through Kato Archanes, where you’ll meet signs leading there.

Keri forest

Keri grove is located at an altitude of 300 meters, 9km west of Heraklion, near Voulismeno Aloni and south of the gorge Almyros. It can be accessed via a short road that starts about 300m after Voulismeno Aloni.

Koudoumas pine forest

The pine grove of Koudoumas is one of the few pine forests that are left on the island of Crete. An amazing journey either by car or hiking will surely leave unforgettable images in your mind.

Kritsa cypress wood

The cypress wood of Kritsa is located about 10km west of Kritsa village, very close to the asphalt road that heads to the plateau of Katharo. It is formed across a deep ravine, at the southern foot of Mount Tsiva.

Pardi forest

The Forest Pardi is one of the finest remaining holly forests of Crete, near the village Kouroutes, 53km southeast of Rethymno. Here the steep western slopes of Psiloritis meet with the plain of Amari

Paschaligo forest (Neapoli)

Paschaligo is a small forest located 1.5 km southwest of Neapolis town. The existence of the forest is related to the history of the region, which was named after the Venetian feudal lord Fillipo Pasqualigo

Preveli Palmbeach

The forest of Preveli in the Kourtaliotis Gorge is the second largest palm forest in Europe (after Vai), being home to a clump of Theophrastus palm trees. Famous for its amazing beach on the Megalos Potamos exit, the palm grove of Preveli

Rouvas forest

The forest of Rouvas is located 55km south of Heraklion and 16km north of Gergeri village, in one of the most rugged and secluded parts of Crete.

Saint Anthony palm beach

The small palm forest of Saint Anthony is located next to the Monastery of St. Nikitas, in one of the most inaccessible places in Crete. An oasis in the middle of nowhere, the palm grove is now protected by goats and is studied under scientific research.

Saint Savvas Olive forest

The Gorge of St. Savvas is the natural continuation of the canyon Trypiti, in the wild and imposing Asterousia Mountains. In the arid landscape of Asteroussia Mts, the dense forest of the wild olive and carob trees looks like an oasis in the desert.

Samaria National Park

The National Park of Samaria is the largest in Greece, located in the south White Mountains, the central core of which is the impressive Gorge of Samaria. It is a rich area with high-diversity habitats that harbor rare and endemic plant and animal species

Selakano forest

The forest Selakano is located 35km north of Ierapetra, in the southeastern part of the Dikti massif, surrounded by the four highest peaks (Lazaros 2085 m, Spathi 2148 m, Afendis Christos 2141 m, Psari Madara 2090 m).

Selena holm oak forest (Azilakodasos)

The holm oak forest (Azilakodasos) is located 11km west of Vrachasi and 9km south of Malia, in the foothills of Mount Selena. The small forest can be accessed either by walking the smooth path from Krassi village or by following the trail from Malia that

Sirikari forest

Sirikari is located 55km west of Chania and 17km south of Kissamos, in a lush green area with canyons and water streams. The road to Sirikari is paved and runs through the dense vegetation, indicating the beauty of the area at the very first moment.

Thripti pine forest

Thripti pine wood is located at an altitude of 850m, near Pahia Ammos in Lasithi Prefecture. The scenic village of Thripti, the green landscapes and the unique pine forest in the mountains of Sitia, are some of the things that you will never forget when y

Vai Palm beach

Vai palm forest is located on the eastern coasts of Crete and is the most famous beach in Lasithi Prefecture. Next to the beach, you’ll the largest palm forest in Europe, which is strictly protected by international laws. This unique place brings to mind

Vatolaki Pine forest

Vatolaki is located near the village of Kissos, 33km southeast of Rethymno city, close to the exit of Kissano Gorge. The forest covers an area of 600 acres and is an important green “lung” in the area of Kedros Mountain.

Vromonero holly forest

The forest of Vromonero is located on the eastern slopes of Psiloritis Mountain, just below the observatory of Skinakas.