Category: 09. Tourism

Archaeological Tourism

The archaeological tourism is an industry that has developed considerably and even rapidly. Large share in it was the promotion of the cultural heritage of Greece before and during the Olympic Games. The archaeological tourism highlights the archaeologica


In recent years, agro tourism in Crete has increased demand, especially for visitors who are not covered by traditional forms of tourism and seeking alternative experiences. Agro tourism make visitors feel the life of people in rural areas to experience t

Sports Tourism

The sports tourism in recent years has managed to attract a significant number of interested and this is why the development of infrastructure, services, and organizations generally significant investments made ​​by producers in the tourism industry, whic

Gastronomic Tourism

The development of culinary tourism is one from the fundamentals on which it will move the Cretan Quality Agreement for the promotion of the Cretan diet and the promotion of local products.

Therapeutic Tourism

Among the unique natural landscapes of Greece, you will also find natural mineral springs with therapeutic properties. Their water is very warm and their chemical composition is rarely found. Hydrotherapy can treat many diseases, such as arthritis and rhe

Religious Tourism

Religious tourism is a form of tourism whereby people travel in order to visit places of worship, such as churches and monasteries. Greek orthodox monuments attract visitors because of their unique character. Monasteries, metropolitan churches, country ch

Adventure Tourism

A walk distant, part of the adventure tourism, is not the only from the tourism product. It's a way to access nature, the countryside, to the discovery. Not sold a product of "long walks" with no particular motive discovery.

Cultural Tourism

Cultural tourism is a type of alternative tourism that is related to his participation in a variety of cultural and educational experiences. These vary depending on where they will visit. These experiences include mainly theatrical performances, tours of

Conference Tourism

Crete offers several conference centers and many hotels with extensive conference facilities. Our country is on top of the world congress tourism, as existing infrastructure dynamically complement and support the conference market. Thus, the Greek market


Eco tourism is an alternative form of tourism which aims to bring together visitors with the natural environment and the countryside in general. Eco tourism is directly related to agro tourism.