Category: 05. Tradition

Cretan Costume

Up to the present day, the famous Cretan costume is still worn in some villages as men's every day wear. It is also worn by men and women on the occasion of traditional celebrations. The arts of weaving and embroidering are combined in the costumes. A spe

Cretan Dagger

Cretan knife

Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments. The basic instrument of Cretan music, the Cretan lyre, first made its appearance in the 17th century, while playing the lyre became popular in the 18th century.

Music and Dance

Music and Dances. The Cretans close relationship to music and dance can be traced back to the early history and myths of the island.


The remains of the Minoan civilisation, that is, what has been found by archaeological excavations, are the most valuable proof that the Cretans, already in the prehistoric times, were skilled at the creation of hand made objects. Following the techniques

Cretan Wedding

Cretan Wedding. Usually young men and women of Crete in love and get married if not approved by the mother and father in law, the couple "stolen", the men takes the bride and go to an unknown place.