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Asterousia Mountains

Asterousia Mountains are the southernmost range in Greece, located on the south side of Heraklion Prefecture. It is a narrow range, shaped between Messara plain and the Libyan Sea. Starting on the east at Tsoutsouras, it ends in the tip of Messara.

Dikti Range or Lasithiotika Mountains

The mountains of Dikte stretch in the east part of the island, on the borders of Heraklion and Lassithi prefectures. The highest peak of Dikte is called Karfi (Nail) (alt. 2148m), located on the southern part. The center of Dikti range hosts the largest p

Ida Range (Psiloritis)

The mountains of Ida, better known as Psiloritis, are located in the center of Crete and cover a large part of Heraklion and Rethymnon Prefectures. Among its many peaks and the offshoots of the main massif, the five highest peaks are the most dominant: Ho

Jiouchtas Mountain

Jiouchtas is located west of Archanes, about 10km south of Heraklion. It's a small mountain with a maximum height of 811m, but it occupies a special position in the heart of the Cretans and that’s why we mention it here.

Kedros or Kentros mount

Mount Kedros is located southwest of Psiloritis Range, with the valley of Amari shaped between them. The highest peak reaches 1777m. From afar it seems to have a conical shape (kentri), after which it takes its name.

Lefka Ori or Madares Mountains

Lefka Ori (meaning White Mountains) or Madares cover the largest part of the prefecture of Chania and are the largest mountain range of Crete, 50km in length and 25km in width. With approximately 50 peaks with an altitude higher than 2000m, the White Moun

Sitia Mountains

Sitia Mountains are the easternmost mountain range of Crete. It is actually divided into two separate ranges, the Mountains of Thripti (Aori) in the west and the mountains of Zakros in the east. The highest peak is located in Thripti mountains and is call