Helidonion Gorge

The Gorge of Helidonion (swallows) is located 33km south of town of Rethymno, next to the famous beach of Preveli with the majestic palm grove and the stunning river. It starts close to the village Drymiskos, runs almost parallel to the canyon of Kourtaliotiko (that of Preveli) and ends at the beach of Drymiskiano Ammoudi. Its name is taken after the swallows that arrive in the area every summer.

The unknown canyon is dry on the summer, unlike Kourtaliotiko, but is quite nice for a visit. In many places the rocks are vertical and awe-inspiring, while the riverbed (flowing in winter) is quite green. Hiking in snakelike Canyon of Swallows is pretty easy and requires no special skills, although it is not designated.

A large part of the canyon runs alongside the road leading to Amoudi beach, where the "easy" path to Preveli starts. To locate the road, turn left at the beautiful arched bridge that you will meet on the way to the monastery of Preveli and head on. Thus, even if you're not the type who likes walking, you can admire the gorge, in conjunction with your visit to Preveli.