Kissano Gorge or Red Deti gorge

Kissano Gorge is located 1km north of Kissos village, in Amari valley, and 34km southeast of Rethymnon, connecting the village to the small plateau of Gious Kambos. It is a short, but beautiful gorge, crossed by the rural road of the area.

Next to its entrance (at the side of Kissos) there is a beautiful artificial pine grove of Vatolakki, 600 acres. There are also several cypress, oak and wild olive trees.

Continuing in the gorge, the visitor will first meet on his right hand an imposing reddish rough and cavernous rock. The small caves of this host several birds of prey, like hawks, eagles and vultures. This high rock is called Kokkinos Detis (Red Cliff), thus the locals usually refer to the Gorge as Kokkinos Detis Gorge.

The inner part of the gorge has low vegetation and rough high waterfalls, being ideal for easy climbing. After 20-30 minutes, you reach the small plateau of Gious Kambos, the paradise of the biologists due to its great floral biodiversity.