Prassano gorge

The Prassano gorge is a wild gorge, located 10 km southeast of Rethymno, next to the bare hills of Gargana and it ends in Platanias. Starting south of Prasses village, it offers a three-hour walk through the stunning gigantic rocks and through some relatively hard accesses, which make the passage very interesting.

The area is quiet, with old platans, ideal for relaxing and picnics. Prassano is accessible only from middle June to middle October, because of the water flowing through it.

It is a very important biotope of Crete, since it hosts buzzards and a small population of Bonelli's eagle. If you are lucky you will have the opportunity to observe one of the last four remaining couples of vulture in the Balkans, which have found refuge in the region. Moreover, botanists consider the gorge as important as that of Samaria.