Monastery Odigitria

Located 70 km from Herakleion in a dry and barren place full of Byzantine monuments. It is one of the most important monasteries in Crete with a history closely linked to the history of the small monasteries and hermitages in the area.

Were constructed with a large tower in the yard and protect the monks from pirates, who arriving from the sea to the south. Above the gate of seeing part of an old hole called "murderer." Once the enemy approached, the monks threw hot oil or pencil and expelled away. The two - aisled church situated in the center of the wall is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and the Holy Apostles. In the original building have been successive additions and interior frescoes, icons from known painters and important sacred vestments.

During the Ottoman rule the monastery was the seat of the revolutionaries and a refuge mainly Xopatera hero, a powerful monk who fought alone, the whole army of the Ottomans until it killed him. Remnant of the glorious revolutionary is the tower of Xopatera. Also the monastery functioned as a center for dissemination of artistic currents that reached Crete from Constantinople. In Odigitria now live 2 monks maintain the tradition of monks.