Epanosifi Monastery

Located at an altitude of 480 meters, at a distance of 32 km from Heraklion, Epanosifi monastery is regarded as one of the richest and largest monasteries of Crete. It flourished during the Ottoman period and is dedicated to St. George.

Cause of Acne monastery was an epidemic of plague that plagued the region in 1655. Then St. George was considered the patron saint of the local population began to spend money and property.

The structure of the monastery resembles the popular Cretan architecture of the 17th century, with independent cells built next to one another. The 18th century was one of the most important cultural centers of the island. In the revolution of 1821 gave the precious relics available to buy weapons for the struggle for independence. In the revolution killed 18 monks and the monastery was abandoned. The visitors can see the small church art museum, located at the monastery. Today it is occupied by a large number of monks.