The houses of Tylisos were built in the Late Minoan I period (16th-15th century B.C.). Extensions were made to House A in the Late Minoan II period (15th-14th centuries B.C.) and to the House C during the Late Minoan III period (14th century B.C.).

The site was destroyed by fire in the 14th century B.C. and reinhabited in the Historic times, as attested by ruins of later houses over the Minoan ones. Tylisos was excavated by Joseph Hatzidakis in 1902-1913. In 1954, during restorations, parts of a paved yard were revealed in the west and a small “stoa” with five columns north of the Square of the Altar. The Archaeological Authority (with Nikolaos Platonas) started restoration and consolidation works on the site in 1954, which were continued until 1962. Consolidation works in all three houses were repeated during the years 1990-1994.