Arvi gorge

The gorge of Arvi is located north of the homonym village (south of Heraklion prefecture) and is formed by limestone of Mount Dikti. The entrance is next to the Monastery of St. Anthony and 700m from the homonym dorp. The gorge finishes in the Libyan sea, but water never reaches the sea due to the exploitation for irrigation.

Unfortunately, throughout the history of the gorge one encounters tubes and tires. This is an internationally known gorge, like the gorge of Cha. Its length is nearly 2km and elevation difference between the entering point and the exit, reaches 250m. It has 13 descents, with a waterfall of 80m being the highest. The rest descents range from 4 to 18m. The last descent of the Gorge is the greatest of all. This is in a dark part (150m) of the gorge because of the narrowness of the wall, where there are 3 “rappels”.