Gaidourorachi or Krousonas gorge

The gorge of Gaidourorachi or Krousonas gorge is located 3km west of the village Krousonas and crosses the Psiloritis Mountain, starting from ancient Zominthos, near Anogia and it ends at Kitharida village, near Krousonas.

The canyon is pretty wild and spectacular, while in the winter it carries a small quantity of water. It forms small waterfalls at one point, near Livadi plateau. It hosts a large number of prey birds and several animals. Moreover, on its north slopes, near Voskero area, wind turbines have been installed.

The gorge is easily accessible via the road leading to Livadi plateau. It is believed that through Gaidourorachi, the ancient Minoans came to the sacred source of Zominthos and the cave Ideon Andron, as signs of an ancient street have been found.