Kavousi Gorge

Kavousi canyon is located near Keratokambos (near Ano Viannos, south of Heraklion) in Dikti Mountain. The total length is 1km and the altitudinal difference between entrance and exit is 170m. For the canyoners, there are 10 technical descents and the highest is the second one which is 20m high. Running water occurs during late winter and spring mainly after heavy rainfall.

The gorge is also accesible for a stroll, at a smaller part of it. Walking in the riverbed from Keratokambos is very easy and can be combined with a bath in the Libyan Sea. It is proposed to visit Kavousi in early summer, when no water blocks the passages. The trail starts from Agia Moni monastery and comes along (and in parts aside) the gorge.

The canyon was created due to the action of three faults, one at the beginning, one at the end which both cut vertically the canyon, and one along from the east side. The fault at the entrance of Kavousi canyon intersects also the well-known Portela canyon, situated 1km to the west.