Lamnoni Gorge (Xerokampos-Ziros)

The gorge of Xerokambos – Ziros, officially called “Lamnoni gorge”. Lamnoni Gorge is the driest canyon of eastern Crete. Walking in the gorge takes 2 hours and the descent is quite easy and smooth. The canyon has typical wild Cretan beauty, with bare, tall walls and undergrowth. Throughout the journey, you'll admire the view to the blue Libyan Sea.

The best time to go in Lamnoni Gorge is from autumn till spring. In summer, the temperature is high and there is no shade. Also, it is suggested that a member of your company, lead you by car to the entrance of the Gorge and then meet you in Xerokambos. In the meanwhile, he can enjoy the exotic turquoise sea of Xerokampos.