Mesosfini Gorge

Mesosfini Gorge is located 55km south of Heraklion city. Its entrance is located at a height of 450m, near the village of Mournies, in the Asterousia Mountains. The canyon is wild and inaccessible. At its exit, 2km south, it is formed the majestic beach of Voidomatis, which can be accessed via a dirt road from Tris Ekklisies.

The canyon is very narrow in the beginning and then opens. The vertical descents are very large, forming waterfalls in the winter and full with huge rocks that make it inaccessible. In fact, Mesosfini Gorge is the only one in Crete with two such high descents of 70m and 80m. Thus, Mesosfini is a paradise for experienced climbers and canyoners.