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The Holy Monastery of the Life - Giving Spring – Chrysopigi

The Holy Patriarchal and Stavropegic Monastery of Chrysopigi lies a short distance from the town of Chania on the route to Suda harbour. It was founded in the middle of the 16th century in the last period of Venetian rule in Crete.

Kaliviani Monastery

It belongs to the municipal district Phaneromeni and is 60 km away from Heraklion. It appears for the first time in the census of 1900, 11 men and 7 women being its residents.

Monastery of Agia Triada Tzagarolon

The monastery of Agia Triada of Tzagarolon is one of the richest and most beautiful monasteries in Crete. It is built near the airport of Chania, in the position Tzobomylos of the Cape Melecha and at the foothills of Stavros Mount. The distance from Chani

Monastery of Varsamoneron

The deserted monastery of Varsamonero is located about 53km southwest of Heraklion, on the southern slopes of Psiloritis Range. It was built in a panoramic area near Vorizia village, overlooking the plain of Messara.

Gouverneto Monastery

The actual Monastery complex was built from 1537 till 1548. According to tradition, it was connected with miraculous St John the Hermit, and was used for the housing of the Saint' s pilgrims.

Vrodisiou Monastery

There are documents concerning the Monastery since 1400. It was one of the most important monastic and spiritual centres of Crete. It was a centre of the revolution of 1866 against the Turks and, as a result, it was greatly damaged.

Katholiko Monastery in Akrotiri

Katholiko monastery is located 20km east of Chania, near the northern shores of Cape Akrotiri. It is located near the exit of the gorge Avlaki, at a short distance from the sea.

Agios Panteleimon Monastery

The monastery of Saint Panteleimon is located 25km west of Heraklion and 3km south of Fodele, in a wooded area of orange and olive groves. The monastery was built with fortress architecture. Today a part of the walls and the beautiful entrance to the mona

Agia Irini Monastery in Krousonas

The monastery of Agia Irini is very old, probably dating from the last years of Venetian rule in Crete. It is a picturesque monastery in a very beautiful setting high up in a mountain. The road to it is very good. The convent is well kept and pleasant to

Moni Odigitrias Gonias

Gonia Monastery was built in the first half of the 17th century, a short distance north of the town Kolymbari. A short distance west, on a hill, saved the church and ruins of the cells of the original monastery.

Collection of Agia Aikaterini of Sinai

The Agia Aikaterine of Sinai Monastery, which originally was a dependency of the Monastery of the same name on Mount Sinai and today belongs to the metropolitan church of Agios Menas, was an important cultural and artistic centre of Crete under Venetian o

Monastery of Panagia Chrisoskalitisa

The monastery of Panagia Chrisoskalitissa is located 72km south of Chania, very close to the magnificent lagoon of Elafonissi. It operates as a nunnery and reminds of a fortress, perched on a 35m high rock with boundless sea views.

Gorgolainis Monastery near Asites

The monastery of Saint George Gorgolainis is located at an altitude of 480m, next to the village Asites, 24km south of Heraklion. It is built at a lush green area with huge platan, cypress and oak trees. Indeed, one platan and one cypress tree inside the

Agios Nikolaos Monastery in Zaros

The monastery of Agios Nikolaos (Saint Nicholas) is located just off the beautiful canyon Gafaris (or Rouvas), about 48km southwest of Heraklion and 3km north of Zaros village. It is situated at the point where in 1994 a great fire burnt much of the beaut

Monasteries of Peninsula Spathas Rodopou

Built at the beginning of the peninsula Spatha, near the road to the ancient Diktynaio, the settlement seems to thrive from early Venetian. In isolated places inaccessible hinterland of small temples are built, transformed into monasteries during the 15th

Monastery of St John the Baptist

The Monastery of St John the Baptist, is located on the Akrotiri peninsula, east of Chania, in the direction of the airport. This is now called Akrotiri peninsula, while previously bore the name Meleha or beans. Akrotiri played an important role in the hi

Apezanes Monastery

The Monastery of St. Anthony in Apezanes or Apezana, is built on a rocky plateau of Asterousia Mountains, at an altitude of 440m, approximately 63km south of Herakleion. From there starts a short valley that leads from Antiskari village to the beachfront

Monastery of Agios Charalambos

South of the old christian basilica of St Nikitas is built the small monastery of St Haralambos. The cave is almost circular with a diameter of 50 m. Its height is up to 20 m at certain points. Its entrance has an opening of 25 m and on its left edge is t

Monastery Odigitria

Located 70 km from Herakleion in a dry and barren place full of Byzantine monuments. It is one of the most important monasteries in Crete with a history closely linked to the history of the small monasteries and hermitages in the area.

The Monastery of Saint George in Karydi

The Monastery of Saint George in Karydi (in Apokoronas Province) is located about 2km east of Vamos village. The monastery was abandoned for many years but was restored in 1996 and today it is operating normally. The monastery is the unique of Apokoronas

Paliani Monastery in Venerato

The nunnery of Paliani is located at an altitude of 280m, next to the village Venerato, 20km north of Heraklion at the exit of Venerato Gorge. The monastery is dedicated to the Assumption and celebrates on August 15.

Monastery of Pazinos

It is a complex of monasteries built during the Venetian rule (16th century). It architectural style is western, the church being placed in the centre of the complex.

Monastery Agarathou

The monastery Agarathou dedicated to Virgin Mary and is a rather rocky hill between the villages and Saba Sgourokefali within 23 km from Heraklion.

Church of Archangelos Michael of Aradena

The Church of Michael Archangelos in the currently uninhabited settlement of Aradena Sfakion, was built at the beginning of the 14th century in the place of the middle part of one of the two old christian basilicas which exist at the seat of the bishopric

Savvathiana Monastery near Rogdia

The monastery of Savatiana is located in Rogdia, 20km west of the city of Heraklion. The monastery is one of the several monasteries that operated in the area during the Venetian period, which was later mercilessly destroyed by the Turks.

St. George of Mythimna - Kisamos

The single - room, vaulted church of St George in the archeological site of Methymna, near Drapania of Kisamos, was built during the first half of the 15th century, in the place of a late Roman Bath.

Epanosifi Monastery

Located at an altitude of 480 meters, at a distance of 32 km from Heraklion, Epanosifi monastery is regarded as one of the richest and largest monasteries of Crete. It flourished during the Ottoman period and is dedicated to St. George.

Church of Agios Nikolaos

The church is built in the 11th century. The dome was added in the mid - 13th century by Constantinos Spanis and at the same time the interior was decorated with wall paintings representing two different styles.

Monastery Koudouma

The monastery celebrates the Assumption. Built along the shore, and until recently was only accessible by foot. Both the temple and the monks' cells were built in cavernous hollows. In 1900 it had 29 resident monks, but worked several years ago, as we kno

Holy Monastery of Zoodochou Pigis

In Alikianos, in Chania, is the great Monastery of Zoodochou Pigis or Sun St. John by the name of founder John the Hermit. Built around 1030. In a short time with the construction of the church was added to the western part of the temple tripartite narthe

Saint Minas

The foundations of the imposing Saint Minas were laid on 25 March 1862. The site is said to have been indicated by a monk to whom St Minas appeared in a vision. The cathedral was built by Athanassios Moussis, the architect of Agios Titos and the barracks

Early Christian Basilica at Almyrida Apokoronou

It is an early christian church of the second half of the 6th century, located in Almyrida in Chania. On the central aisle, one can see the mosaic floor. From 1974 till 1989 the 13th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities organized an excavation on the site.

Saint Titus

Saint Titus, or more properly the church of Saint Titus in Heraklion, is one of the most important monuments in the centre of town. It is set in a lovely square with a few cafés and bars, Agios Titos Square.

Holy Patriarchal and Stavropegic Monastery of Arkadi

According to the inscription, which has been preserved on the frontal support of the belfry, the church was built in 1587 that is during the period of the Venetian occupation on Crete. This explains the plethora of architectural elements of the Renaissanc

Agios Nikitas Achendrias

The monastery of St. Nikita Achendrias is an old hermitage at the periphery of the village Achendria, because the palms. St. Nikitas is a cave temple, which according to Paul Faure, dating from the 17th century.

Monastery of Preveli

The Monastery of Preveli is located 37 km from Rethymno and includes two monasteries, which are 3 km apart: The "Lower Monastery", which is deserted and the "Back Monastery", which is still run and can be visited.

Agios Antonios Monastery in Arvi

Arvi monastery is built near the gorge of Arvi, in an elevated area with panoramic sea views. The monastery is believed that was initially built on the ruins of the ancient Temple of Arvian Zeus in the Valley shaped at the exit of Arvi gorge.

Kera Panaghia in the village of Nevs Amari

In the wider area of the village of Nevs Amari the basilica of Kera Panaghia can be found which was built in the same place, where an older, cruciform basilica with a cupola dating back to the 13th century had existed. The south aisle with its impressing

Agia Moni in Viannos

The monastery of Agia Moni (Holy Monastery) is located about 60km east of Heraklion and 38km west of Ierapetra, near Kavoussi Gorge. It can be accessed via a short road that starts from Ano Viannos and passes through a verdant landscape.

Church of St. George (Georgioupoli)

The church of St George in the centre of Kournas, in Chania, is a settlement with interesting folk architecture. It was built at the end of the 12th century. In around 1230 was added in the south the single-room, wood roofed part of Christ.

Church of Panagia Kera at Kritsa

The history of the church of the Virgin Mary ‘Panagia Kera’ commences at least as early as the 13th century. The middle aisle was built first, bearing a great arched roof and a heavy flat dome, then the side aisles were added and today's western entrance

Monastery of Chalevi

It is 12 km from Rethymno. The large, church is dedicated to the Holy Virgin. The year 1864 is carved into the lintel. However, the monastery must have existed as early as the 16th or 17th century. Except for the church all other buildings are dilapidated

Monastery of Toplou

The monastery Toplou or Akrotiriani Monastery is the most important fortified monastery complex in northeastern Crete, with an imposing bell tower decorated with Renaissance-type, which rises on the west side, above the main gate.

Monastery of Agia Irini

It is situated near the settlement of Agia Irini a few kilometres south of the town of Rethymno. This very old monastery is considered to date back to as early as the 14th century. However, at some point it was destroyed and henceforth remained entirely d

Monastery of Panagia Kardiotissa

The monastery is one of the most important monasteries in Crete. The earliest mention of the name is in a document of 1333, at which time a fief of the Latin Patriarchate of Constantinople and rented by the attorney of L. Morosini in Mario Cornario.

Panaghia in the village of Roustica

This two - aisled church dedicated to the Holy Virgin and Christ the Saviour is situated at the place of Livadi in the village of Roustica, 21 km from Rethymno. The belfry shows the inscription of the year 1627.

Paleochristian Basilica of St Nikitas

About 300 m northeast of the fortress of Frangokastello, is situated the small one - room church of St Nikitas. It is built on the ruins of an old christian basilica, the walls of which and its mosaic floor are preserved around the church.

Early Christian Basilica of Panormo

In the coastal village of Panormos, about 20 km south of the town of Rethymno, is the early Basilica of Panormo. According to tradition, it is dedicated to Saint Sophia and this name was given to the entire area around the temple.

Monastery of Bali

It is situated on a hill on the bay and the coastal village of Bali, which is situated 37 km from Rethymno. It is also called Monastery of Atalis, a name, which the Venetians had given to the coastal village thus modifying the name of the ancient city of

Kallergis Monastery near Kasteli

The monastery of Kallergis or Kaleris is located southeast of Smari village, about 35km east of Heraklion and 4km north of Kastelli. It is built in a wooded area with many hills and mountainous morphology.