Archeological Museum of Sitia

The Archeological Museum of Sitia opened its gates to the public in 1984, one hundred years after the first official excavations were made in the area by the Italian School of Archeology.

The collection from the Palace of Kato Zakros is considered to be the largest and the richest one, with a large number of important findings, some of which are masterpieces of the Minoan art. The gold and ivory statuette from the town of Palekastro is considered to be the most famous object of the museum.

The tour starts from the lobby, in the centre of which stands the famous gold and ivory statuette from the Minoan city of Palekastro. It is a masterpiece of Minoan art.

In the second unit are exhibited findings from the palace of Kato Zakros and the area around it: Huge earthenware jars, a large number of embellished vessels and utensils, a jar with full colour decoration and fine pieces of miniature art. Show-case 16 includes a wonderful set of Linear A tablets from the archives of the palace.

The findings presented in the 3rd unit come mainly from tombs sets of the Geometric and Archaic Sitia. In show-case 22 you can see carved tiles and statuettes from the archaic temple depository found in the city of Sitia. In the 4th unit there are impressive Hellenistic and Greco - Roman findings from Ksirokampos, Ziros, Tripitos, the mansion of Makri Gialos, Koufonisi etc.