Museum of the Monastery of Agia Triada Tzagarolon

The museum owns a collection of icons and a collection of codices.

Some of the most important exhibits are:

St John the Theologian, around 1500 (Portable icon of the Cretan School).

The Last Judgement (Work of Emmanuel Skordiles. 17th century).

Portable icon of the Cretan School.

Manuscript on a parchment roll with the mass of St Basil, written on both sides. In fragments.

The Tree of Jesse (Portable icon, 1853).

The Story of Beauteaus Joseph (Portable icon, 1858).

The Hospitality of Abraham (Portable icon, 1855).

The Descent into Hades (Portable icon, 1855).

Zoodochos Pege (Fountain of Life), 17th century icon (Possibly a work of the important painter priest Emmanuel Skordiles of Chania).

Christ King of Glory.

St John the Precursor and scenes of his life (A templum icon, 1846).