War Museum of Chania

The War Museum of Chania is housed in the Army Camp Tzambanaki, at the crossing of the streets I. Sfakianakis and Tzanakakis. The building in which it is housed was Italian barracks and was built in 1870 with the designs of Italian architect Maguso.

The War Museum of Athens, in the framework of the fulfillment of its mission and in cooperation with local bodies in the city of Chania, founded a branch, that was opened in July 1995.

The mission of the Museum is the to collect, keep, preserve and exhibit war objects and other objects of the period mainly between 1821 and 1940, that concern the participation of the Cretans in the struggle for Macedonia and Northern Epirus (1903 - 1922), the Balkan Wars (1912 - 13), the Asia Minor Campaign (1919 - 1922), World Wars I and II, the Battle of Crete and the National Resistance during the German Occupation (1941 - 45).