Tsikoudia - Raki

Tsikoudia - Raki

All over Crete in November from end to end around a cauldron gathered. No to distil the grapes only. To return to the habits of their ancestors. To drink raki, eat baked potatoes (oftes), tell stories and madinades.

In Crete, raki or otherwise tsikoudia is essentially a tool for "social communication", contains about 37% alcohol which is classified in the most powerful spirits. Every autumn after the harvest of the grape variety wine festivities begin throughout Greece. Such days after harvest and grape presses for wine and fresh passes to the manufacture of raki...

In Crete called tsikoudia or use the Turkish word raki. It stands out from all others because it is a grape distillate from tsikouda only, without adding any other herb.

The Cretan raki has a history of thousands of years. We know that the eating habits of the ancient Minoans were very different from the other Mediterranean peoples. Their diet was mainly based on meat and vegetables and drink for their favorite meal was the raki.

There is no household in Crete without a bottle of raki or readily available at all times... With this start the festivities and joys, the Cretans welcome visitors with this or do their serious conversations. Accompanied by traditional Cretan dishes, but for connoisseurs with baked potatoes (oftes), olives, raw cabbage, cucumbers, snails and nuts...

The festivities even the time of its production in the Cretan raki is famous. Around the "rumba" (the tube from where comes the first raki) are grouped together family members, friends, guests - friends and have fun.

For visitors - tourists will attend raki, is a unique experience that rarely meets.

And surely you remember, with a bottle of raki to take with him leaving, the Cretan tradition and hospitality.