Sheep Barber

Sheep Barber

In Crete, one of the customs that prevails is that of "shearing sheep." The coat cut from the sheep, so they not suffer from the summer heat and be kept clean and free of bacteria.

Barbers in Crete do not distinguish between age, only in men of all ages, even elementary school boys. This helps to maintain the tradition of the Cretan character.

Older farmers are eagerly waiting to clip the sheep. The wool was used to make clothing, women for their dowries for girls.

Due to the difficulty of each farmer invites friends and relatives to help him in return a hearty feast and wool from sheep. Several important gift, especially for those who had not and had to secure the necessary wool for the family. It is a difficult process that requires many hands and good technique.

The shear can now be done in the same way as before, except that the hair did not catch anything on the market and farmers throw, but contributes decisively to the brotherhood and friendship between the inhabitants of the villages.

These relationships do not pass through the expectation of financial compensation is common in Crete and bind people together.

All breeders, not only in Greece but also the rest of the world, consider the shearing of sheep a tedious job. In central Europe has totally forgotten the art of shearing and invite specialists from Australia to undertake.

In mainland Greece delegate to immigrants and shear have faded traditions associated with it. In Crete, however, consider the ritual process and preserve as the apple of the eye.