Agia Fotini cave

Agia Fotini cave

The cave of Agia Fotini is on located on Mountain Louloudaki, 7km south of Avdou village, at an altitude of 760m. Avdou village is located 35km east of Heraklion, where a sign "Agia Fotini Cave - 7 km”, shows the direction. From there you enter a dirt road, which leads to a small square below the mouth of the cave.

The entrance of the cave is shaped into a spectacular and steep rocky cliff, formed by the sharp collapse of the limestone. The view from the entrance to the valley of Avdou, known as Langada, is magnificent.

The visit able part of the cave has a length of 44m, width of 1,8 - 7,5 m and a height of 5,3 - 20m. However, the total length of the paths, unknown to most visitors, reaches 700m.

At the entrance there is a shrine and, after 12m there is an underground cavity. From there, a narrow corridor starts, which is an old riverbed, leading to the last room of the cave. This room is used as a church dedicated to Agia Fotini.

Today, the temple is easily accessible and famous enough to Cretans. Many people go to the cave either for worship or as ordinary visitors.

The cave hosts a big festival on the fourth Sunday after Easter. Moreover, a popular festival takes place on the square, located nearby, at a lower level. This square is close to the cavernous church of Saint Anna and Saint John the Theologian.