Ambelos gorge

The Gorge of Ambelos is located southeast of Gonies village (Hersonissos Municipality), just about 1km from the southern limits of the village. The gorge, which is about 2 kilometers, is visited by many visitors and locals, especially by car and less on foot. The road passing through it leads to the road to Lasithi Plateau and to Stoloi village. The approach is easy from the rural road, which runs through the gorge, along the bed of a tributary of Aposelemis River.

The gorge does not have the typical narrowing of its banks, because there is some distance between them. Their characteristic is the mountains which form the western slopes, where there are impressive geological formations that give the landscape a unique natural beauty.

The vegetation in the riverbed of the gorge is quite rich in trees (especially platans) and shrubs (oleander mats etc.).