Erganos gorge

On the southeast side of Afendis Christos summit, above the villages Embaros you will meet the verdant vineyards at Erganos plateau at 900 meters altitude. The water gathered from the meliting snow of the surrounding slopes and from many springs of the region forms the main tributary of the Anapodaris river, Baritis, which crosses the plateau of Erganos and forms the rugged canyon of Erganos.

The overgrown plane trees, cypresses and oaks make the canyon of Erganos a natural jewel for the entire region. It is passable for trekkers only for a very small part. After the first 20 minutes of descent, the landscape changes and creates a unique sculpture of nature with very narrow walls and impressive waterfalls in 8 different locations, where rappelling equipment is required.

During the cold months the waterfalls carry large quantities of water, while at 3 points of the gorge there are springs that flow throughout the year. At the top of a steep hill on the west bank of the gorge, there are the ruins of the ancient town of Erganos, which some when stood there like a natural fortress. In the main stream of the gorge fall even two subcanyons: the Psaros Nero and Ralli, which also form impressive waterfalls and are only accessible with canyoning equipment.