Erganos plateau

At an altitude of 950m at the southern slopes of Dikti Mounts, you will find the small plateau of Erganos and takes its name after the ancient town of Erganos that was built on the adjacent peak Kefali.

The plateau is used today for growing vines, while the views of the surrounding wooded peaks and the valley of Embaros is very nice.

The ancient Erganos was one of the 100 cities of ancient Crete, built at an altitude of 1090m. It can be accessed from the plateau through the ancient stone paved trail (called Peratostrata) which linked Embaros or Viannos with the Plateau of Lassithi and is highly recommended for hiking. 200m before reaching the plateau, you can discern a Minoan tomb destroyed during the road construction! The area is called Xenotafia and hosts several tombs (that were used by Erganos).