Evdomos plateau Gonies

3km southeast of the village Gonies, is located the plateau of Evdomos, at an altitude of 780m. The plateau is actually divided into two smaller plateaus, the Kato Lakos and Ano Lakos plateaus. Nowadays Evdomos plateau is mainly used for stockbreeding.

The name Evdomos is believed to come from the Greek word Evosmos that means sweet-smelling as it used to be full of flowers in spring time.

The spot surely worth visiting is Kato Lakos, where the small mountain lodge is housed (a former dairy). Kato Lakos has a spring with fresh water, while the locals have planted several trees around it. On the 1st May every year the locals organize a big fest there. Families bring their own meat and grill it in the traditional Cretan way: by placing it around the fire. They call it antikrystó. Music and wine are of course part of the fest.

To go to Evdomos Plateau you have to turn from the main road near the village of Gonies, pass by an old renovated windmill and follow the road for 3km.