Tavri and Niato plateaus

At an altitude of 1.200m, 51km south of Chania and 3km west of Askifou Plateau, is located the plateaus of Tavri (2km) and Niatos (3km). They can be accessed via a road starting from Askifou, crossing Tavri and then ending up in Niato.

In Tavri there is a big mountain shelter with 42 beds, where anyone can stay overnight. The beauty is indescribable, as the views to the peak Kastri (2.215m) of the White Mountains causes awe. From here begins the path to the top of Kastri. Tavri plateau is often dressed in white and it is said that it was here that someone skied in Crete in 1955. Moreover, there is the chapel of the Holy Spirit, built with stone and fitting in perfect harmony with the landscape.