Myloi Gorge

8km south of Rethymno is located a complex network of watermills and waterpower, the Myloi Gorge. Myloi is the name of the green, beautiful canyon, with the deserted village next to the stream. There are still remains of the many, for this area, mills that had been built by the locals during the Venetian and were operated till the '70s.

Myloi, with the rich natural and architectural beauty, are an ideal proposal for a walk. Just a few kilometers away from the city of Rethymno, the gorge is an easily accessible location with superb flora and fauna. A walk in the gorge is hard to describe by someone who has no poetic inspiration.

On hot days, you can relax in the farms and gardens in the gorge.

The walk starts from the path that leads into the gorge below the new village of Myloi. From the first moment you can feel a mysterious atmosphere. On the right you’ll see the chapel of St. John, built in the rocks.

After about 200m you’ll pass the church of 5 Virgins on your right. Once the path turns dirt road, after 150m, you’ll admire a restored windmill. You should follow the dirt path that leads us to the bottom of the gorge (15 '). There is a cluster of mills with discernible stone channels that used to supply them with water.

Moving on, you’ll come across the gorge, in Kato Myloi, where you’ll find the small church of Agia Paraskevi on the right hand. Following the path, you’ll pass under an arch of a ruined building to get to the church, by crossing the gorge. During this walk, you’ll get in love with the amazing gorge and you will refresh your attitude. The gorge effortlessly raises everyone’s admiration for its wild beauty of the landscape and the harmonious marriage of the human and physical architecture.

After one hour, you’ll have already explored the main part of the gorge. Follow the left path (the right leads to Ksiro Chorio), cross the small river, and pass on the opposite shore.

You need just 15’ to go up the rural road that leads to a cement road. After 10 minutes, enter the main road: turn right (left turn leads back to Myloi) and walk for about 200 more meters. You should pass a neighborhood with new houses and a building-materials shop. Go down for five more minutes and reach the junction that leads (left) on the main road. The national highway is on the right. Follow the path under the bridge.

Turn left and choose the direction of the sea. If you don’t have time to enjoy the sea, get the bus to Rethymno from Pervolia or walk along the beach to the town.