Mylonas Gorge or Saint John Gorge

18km east of Ierapetra, is located the Gorge of Mylonas or Saint John. It starts near the village of St. John, at an altitude of 500m, and ends at the beach of Kakia Skala.

Accessing the canyon is not very easy, but definitely worth the effort. At an altitude of 300m you will meet several waterfalls, the largest of which has a height of 40m. In front of the waterfalls are formed small lakes, ideal for swimming.

The route is spectacular as the canyon is covered with pine trees and plane trees. In some places you will find old concrete ditches, previously used for moving water to Koutsounari.

The beauty reaches the peak at the point with the waterfalls and the ponds in front of them. This place is really spectacular and unexpected, especially in such an arid region like eastern Crete.