Platanias Gorge

Platanias Gorge is a very beautiful gorge located on the western outskirts of Psiloritis, in the Amari valley, 38km southeast of Rethymno. It is a unique trail, with impressive cliffs, vertical limestone rocks, rock roofs and caves. It is recommended for experienced mountaineers, although the first part of the trek is quite around and very easy to pass even for children who are physically fit. You will meet the church of St Anthony, built in the cave. The path, after the stone arch and the arch formed by the trunk of an olive tree, is quite dangerous for inexperienced climbers.

Many species of birds nest in the gorge, such as harrier eagles, vultures, wild pigeons and crows. Visitors will also come across abandoned olive groves, as well as a wide variety of indigenous and other plants of Crete, e.g. jerusalem sage (Phlomis fruticosa), campanula (Campanula tubulosa), kermes oaks, maples, and pines. The trail leads to the cave of Pan, which was named thus, as according to the myth this is the birthplace of the ancient God Pan, the god of shepherds. In the cave’s interior one can see decorations on the walls that may date back to the Minoan period and imply that this was a place of worship.