Pardi forest

The Forest Pardi is one of the finest remaining holly forests of Crete, near the village Kouroutes, 53km southeast of Rethymno. Here the steep western slopes of Psiloritis meet with the plain of Amari, creating a magical and unknown majestic landscape.

The altitude is over 1300m, thus Pardi many times a year is covered with snow. The forest is mainly covered with hollies, but there are also cypress, maple, plane trees and others.

Pardi can be easily accessed via the street leading to the shelter of Stoumpotos Prinos or Sopata (alt. 1500m), near the peak Holy Cross of Psiloritis. Here you will find the picturesque church of St. Titus, built on the ruins of an older church, and celebrating on August 25 with a great feast taking place.

Pardi is an ideal choice for those who love nature. If you have a 4x4 car, then you will be impressed by the beauty of the area and wonder how such a beautiful place is that unknown.