Paschaligo forest (Neapoli)

Paschaligo is a small forest located 1.5 km southwest of Neapolis town. The existence of the forest is related to the history of the region, which was named after the Venetian feudal lord Fillipo Pasqualigo, who lived in a tower that was built here.

Pasqualigo constructed irrigation ditches to supply his tower with water coming from the local spring Vigli. Later, locals used the irrigation ditches by building water mills along them and were established in the area, developing a new settlement that later evolved to Neapolis. The mills still stand in the heart of the forest, but are severely damaged by time.

Since early 20th century, the grove was the favorite naturalist destination of residents of Neapolis, as the water turned the area to a small paradise. The wooded area, the gurgling water and the scenic mills still compose a wonderful setting.

The area is a remarkable place of beauty in the dry region of Mirabello and its important biodiversity has raised the ecological interest and aesthetic value of the area. The vegetation is typical of the Cretan limestone grounds, but is highly developed due to the abundance of water. It consists of high shrubs, trees and large platans, oaks, cypresses, olive groves, lemon trees and several endemic plants.