Fitakis Megaron

The “Fitakis Megaron” is the first multi-storey apartment building in the city of Herakleion. It was built in 1926-1930, with remarkable neoclassical elements on its facades. It is a representative example of a block of flats of the Mid-War and a landmark in the architectural development of Heraklion.

It consists of four floors. The load-bearing of the building is made of reinforced concrete. The neoclassical external elements (architectural projections, pillars, railings and rood edges) and the openings of the facades compose a building which is unique in the city of Heraklion.

The details of the wooden external doors of the shops on the ground floor are also unique, as they are beautifully decorated with hand-made engravings. All the above mentioned elements compose a work of art, a preservable monument.