Category: Museums
Region: Chania Prefecture

Archeological Museum of Chania

The Archeoplogical Museum of Chania housed in the Katholikon of the Venetian Monastery of St. Francis. It has been operating as an Archeological Museum since 1963. Its exhibits give an overview f the cultural history of the Prefecture of Chania from the N

Archeological Museum of Kisamos

The Archeological Museum of Kisamos housed in the building of the old Venetian-Turkish Headquarters, which was located within the perimeter of the Venetian castle and was strengthened during the Ottoman rule.

Byzantine and Post - Byzantine Collection of Chania

The rich archeological material, collected through long periods of excavations conducted by the 13th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities in the Prefecture of Chania, but also through search and donations, forms a Collection which clearly reflects the histor

Collection of Chrysopigi Monastery

The collections of the Monastery Chrysopigi include A collection of icons, a collection of manuscripts.

Historical - Folklore Museum of Gavalochori

The objects in it are displayed according to modern miseological concepts, with explanatory texts, photographs, drawings and models, and new exhibits are added each year.

Historical Archives of Crete

The Historical Archives of Crete is a branch of the General Archives of the State. The basic goal of the Historical Archives of Crete is to supervise, save, collect, classify and directorize the archival material of the prefecture of Chania and the displa

Museum of the Monastery of Agia Triada Tzagarolon

The museum owns a collection of icons and a collection of codices. Some of the most important exhibits are Saint John the Theologian, around 1500 (Portable icon of the Cretan School).

Museum of the Monastery of Gonia

Museum of the Monastery of Gonia, The Museum owns the following collections, ollection of icons. Collection of books and manuscripts, Collection of liturgical vestments and Collection of heirlooms.

Museum of Typography by the newspaper Haniotika Nea

The unique in Greece Museum of Typography is in Chania, not far from the city and constitutes the vision of life of its founder, Yannis Garedakis, founder and editor of the newspaper “Haniotika nea”.

Nautical Museum of Crete

The Museum was inaugurated on the 27th May 1973, date of the 32nd anniversary of the Battle of Crete. It includes models of ships, various nautical instruments and objects such as range finders, barometers, wind-gauges, course and speed abaci, torpedo fir

Potamianos Wax Museum

The Potamianos Wax Museum is established in the main square of Zoniana. Characters are depicting in wax periods of Cretan History. This museum is one of the two that a visitor may find in Greece. In the museum portrayed 104 characters in human height in 1

War Museum of Chania

The War Museum of Chania is housed in the Army Camp Tzambanaki, at the crossing of the streets I. Sfakianakis and Tzanakakis. The building in which it is housed was Italian barracks and was built in 1870 with the designs of Italian architect Maguso.