Category: Lakes
Region: Chania Prefecture

Agias Lake

The artificial lake of Agias is located near the village of Agia, 9 km west of Chania. It is a lake (450 acres), which is close to the valley of Fasas. This valley is considered as the most humid of Crete. Agias Lake receives water from underground spring

Kournas Lake

Lake Kournas is actually the only natural lake in Crete and is surrounded by high mountains and olive groves. It is located near the village Kournas, 2.5km south of Georgioupolis, 43km east of Chania and 20km west of Rethymno.

Maherida Pond (Akrotiri)

The pond of Maherida is located at the area of Tersanas in Akrotiri, just 14 km east of Chania, next to the stunning beach of Maherida. This lake is an important wetland hosting water snakes, turtles and migratory birds. Access is very easy, as it is righ