Tripiti gorge (Samaria)

The Tripiti gorge is the second one to the west of Samaria gorge and as with the Klados gorge the path leading to its north entrance also starts at Linosseli. Before the entrance, is a very dangerous passage where you risk getting stuck (so that you can neither walk on nor turn around and go back). Two people were killed at this point and many others were in serious danger, so do not attempt to pass it without an experienced guide. The gorge is truly amazing with its high steep walls and its rich flora and fauna.

It is one of the great and most inaccessible gorges of Chania where you need an experienced guide for its passing and at least one and a half days free. The first day afternoon you should walk through the Plateau Omalos and starting from altitude 1200 meters, to make an ascent to the alpine, very rugged mountain of Gigilos. You will transit under a natural arch in altitude of 1,400 meters from the spring called Linoseli with its cold water. You will spend the night near the peak, in the open or in the ruined sheepfold of Tzatzimos. It will take you 2.30 hours. The nearby peak altitude is 2.080 meters. According to the legend here, in the peak, was the throne of the Crete-born Zeus and starting from the nearby smoother peaks on the west, he started his chariot rides. Moreover, near Linoseli spring there was a famous ancient oracle. The variety of flora and fauna in the canyon is amazing. Moreover, the gorge hosts the famous endangered Cretan wild goat, the Kri Kri.

Hiking from Gigilos to the beautiful and secluded beach of Tripiti, depending on the pace, takes about six hours. If there is no boat to pick you, you will have to walk three more hours (from the old settlement on the right and above) to get to the seaside village of Sougia (70 km from Chania).