Category: Canyons
Region: Chania Prefecture

Agia Irini Gorge

Agia Irini gorge has its own intrinsic beauty, made of sweeping views and a relatively easy path without any difficult points to overcome. Not as well - known as and certainly less difficult than the nearby gorge of Samaria.

Agiofarango Gorge

You start from the village of Siva, where you must spent the night. You drive down a white road in the direction of Kali Limenes and the coast of the Libyan sea. After two and a half kilometers, on the right a sign indicates “Agiofarango” – the gorge of t

Anidri Gorge

The area’s morphological characteristics – low, uncrowned, rounded mountains, valleys of chestnut groves and strawberry trees studded with bright red fruit – bled with ancient villages full of fresco ed churches and chapels, the most authentic expression

Aradena Gorge

The trial forcefully makes its way into the canyon between two narrow vertical walls which offer some respite from the burning, late-autumn sun only in the early stages of our hike. The path leads along a dry riverbed as it winds its way between large bou

From Cape Krios to Elafonissi

This portion of the European long-distance trail, from Cape Krios to Elafonissi, is a fairly long excursion, roughly five hours, and it could ideally be divided into three parts thanks to the variety of promontory of Krios, stretches out along the shore w

Glika Nera - Loutro

Among the various hiking itineraries in this book, you have included a portion of the European long - distance hiking trail which is part of a project we have been nursing for some time: a two - day hike that includes a stop at Glika Nera beach, an overni

Imbros Gorge

Our first trekking experience was our exploration of the “farangi Imbrou” – the Imbros gorge. It was once the only pathway through the harsh, impassable mountains of the Sfakia region. This vital path allowed the area’s inhabitants to remain in contact wi

Katholiko Gorge

This hike, which led us to discover the convent of Saint John the Hermit (Xeno), known as “Katholiko” and the gorge of “ the Saint”, is a tangible example of the sublime as applied to places that can spark strong emotions.


The Lissos gorge is one of the most beautiful gorges in Crete. You starting your trip with a sign with an arrow indicates Lissos and you start down the trail that leads into a small ravine with lots of rock roses and pine, cypress and carob trees.

Avlaki gorge or Katholiko gorge

Avlaki gorge is located near the monastery Gouverneto, 16km east of Chania. It is one of the most important gorges in Crete with a particular religious value, as many monks and hermits found shelter in its caves.

Chosti gorge

The canyon of Chosti is close to the small settlement of Hosti in Chania, amid one of the most beautiful and lush green place of Crete. You will not find Chosti gorge in any tourist guide. Away from the known tourist routes, it remains completely unknown

Deliana – Mesavlia Gorge

Mesavlia – Deliana Gorge is located 37km west of Chania. Starting from the village Mesavlia it descends to the village Deliana after 5km walking in the gorge is very easy

Diktamos gorge

The canyon of Diktamos is located 21km east of Chania, next to the village Katochori at an altitude of 300m, and finished 8km eastern at the village Faragi, at an altitude of 40m, next to the village of Stylos.

Iligas gorge or Kavi gorge

The gorge of Iligas (or Kavi) is located a few kilometers west of Chora Sfakion. It starts from Anopolis plateau and ends at the beautiful beach of Iligas, 2km west of Chora. The gorge is very easily accessible from Anopolis plateau.

Kallikratis gorge

Kallikratis is a relatively small gorge in the southeast region of Lefka Ori (White Mountains) in Chania Prefecture. The gorge connects the mountainous pasture lands with the lowland villages. Is not very popular to tourists but is a

Klados gorge

Klados gorge is the first one to the west of Samaria gorge. The path leading to its north entrance starts from the Linosseli pass west of peak Gigilos. The gorge it is not marked except by a few “domes” - piled up rocks - at the most dangerous po

Pelekaniotis gorge

The gorge of Pelekaniotis River is located in the region Selino in South Chania. Pelekaniotis is the river with the most water flow in Selino and it is so important that the whole municipality of Paleochora is named Pelekanos.

Roka gorge

The gorge of Roka is located 32km west of Chania, in the area of Kolymbari. The 2km gorge starts from the village Deliana and ends at the village of Roka. In the settlement there is Trouli hill, where you can still see the ruins of a Byzantine fortress.

Samaria Gorge

The Samaria Gorge is the longest gorge in Europe and also the most famous. Thousands of tourists flock there daily in the season to walk from the top to the bottom. The length of the gorges reaches 18

Sfakiano gorge or Vartholoma gorge or Lago gorge

Sfakiano gorge or Vartholoma or Lago is located 2km east of Chora Sfakion. Starting at an altitude of 1.200m. The canyon has a length of 6.5km and walking along its riverbank is very easy.

Sirikari gorge

The Gorge of Sirikari is located next to Kissamos, in one of the most beautiful areas of Crete. The gorge starts from the village of Sirikari, with the large chestnut forest and ends after about 10km in the ancient city of Polirinia.

Therissou gorge or Elefterios Venizelos gorge

The Gorge of Therissou (named also Eleftherios Venizelos) is located near the city of Chania. The main gorge is 6 kilometers long. The vertical cliffs are impressive and the lush vegetation has nothing to

Topolia gorge

The gorge of Topolia is located at West Crete and it runs along the road leading to Elafonissi. The canyon actually starts near the village Strovles at an altitude of 450m, and exits near the village Topolia, at an altitude of 150m.

Tripiti gorge (Samaria)

The Tripiti gorge is the second one to the west of Samaria gorge and as with the Klados gorge the path leading to its north entrance also starts at Linosseli. Before the entrance, is a very dangerous passage where you risk getting stuck